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Since 1999, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been working on a new electronic ordering alternative to the traditional paper 222 order form. On April 1, rule allowing the Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS), as an option to paper for Schedule II drugs The potential cost savings from this new program are generating significant interest. Wholesalers are enhancing their systems to comply with the DEA... Read More | Download

ASAP Annual Industry and Technology Issues Conference

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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP) Information Exchange (PMIX) “Importance of Cost Modeling for Information Sharing Systems”.

The IJIS Institute is leading a project to develop a system for the interstate exchange of prescription monitoring data. The National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws is developing a model interstate compact, based on the input of its multidisciplinary, national working group,... Read More | Download

Mr. Steve Bruck, President of BruckEdwards participated on the Technical Framework Panel of this important two day conference aimed at developing a broader understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with the electronic transmission of controlled substance prescriptions. Mr. Bruck discussed current IT security threats to the healthcare system and how future e-prescribing standards could be developed to... Read More

Mr. Steve Bruck, President of BruckEdwards presented the results of the Interstate Exchange California Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Gap Analysis at the July NCJA National Forum. Mr. Bruck discussed the methodology that was used to develop a roadmap for enabling the current California PMP system to meet standards for interstate exchanges. Mr. Bruck also addressed how this roadmap could be used by other states... Read More | Download