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Streamlined Operations for
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Business Process + Organizational Improvement

Streamlining operations to optimize performance, reduce fraud, waste and abuse, and deliver more value oriented services with cost efficiency

Government and business leaders face increased pressure to operate more efficiently and effectively. This drives the need to refine and re-design business processes resulting in streamlined operations and more value-oriented services to citizens and customers. Furthermore this demand to perform with fewer resources creates a need to ensure the right expertise and skills are applied in an efficient manner thereby improving organizational effectiveness.

BruckEdwards offers an extensive suite of services to help our clients improve their business processes, and optimize performance. Our proven approach follows an iterative change management model, leveraging end-user participation. Our subject matter experts apply principles from standards organizations such as CMMI, ITIL, and Lean Six Sigma to provide a tailored needs-focused approach to optimization. We layer this expertise with our significant experience, lessons learned and industry best practices. BruckEdwards Business Process and Organizational Improvement service offerings include:

  • Business Process Modernization—Over the course of time, many organizational business processes become outdated, ineffective and inefficient. Oftentimes these processes include duplicative and manual activities which contribute to fraud, waste and abuse. BruckEdwards’ works alongside our clients to help identify bottleneck, redundant processes and inefficient processes that will provide the most value and performance improvement from process re-engineering efforts.
  • Change Management—Effectively managing change is critical to the successful improvement of business processes and organizational performance. BruckEdwards’ proven change management approach focuses on integrating and coordinating change, engaging leadership to build consensus and stakeholders to incorporate feedback. We address impacts of change on the operational workforce, addressing learning and infrastructure needs affected by the change.
  • Human Capital Management—Improving operational performance requires the critical analysis of organizational structures, processes, and skill-sets to align the workforce with mission goals and objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.  Our approach focuses on identifying the impacts of change on the workforce, addressing training needs and the infrastructure necessary to facilitate change and improve performance.
  • Survey Management—Understanding user trends, attitudes, preferences and needs is a critical component to improving operational performance. BruckEdwards provides comprehensive survey management services including survey design, execution, data analysis and reporting . In addition to “traditional” surveys, we engage the stakeholder community in focus groups, and collaborative working sessions to facilitate open discussions that address change. Our expertise and experience help our customers develop an in-depth understanding of user attitudes, experiences, wants, and needs in order to improve service quality, performance and customer satisfaction.