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Thought Leadership for
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Strategic Planning + Technical Innovation

Improving organizational effectiveness, business operations and mission delivery through strategy and innovation

Sweeping changes across the commercial and government landscapes are driving major transformation initiatives. From healthcare and finance reform to technology mobilization, government and organizational leaders are being challenged to deliver more value-oriented services and improve transparency, accountability, and cost efficiency.

BruckEdwards provides strategic planning and technical innovation consulting services to help our clients develop effective strategies for managing and aligning business, financial, technological and human resources. Our proven approach is based on rigorous research and analysis tailored to the individualized needs of each customer.

  • Strategic Planning and Development—BruckEdwards provides our customers with critical planning, development and implementation of business and IT strategies to help our clients address near-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and objectives. Our strategic consulting approach is based on in-depth research and analysis, coupled with industry best practices and lessons learned.
  • Policy Analysis and Regulatory Development—BruckEdwards provides policy analysis and regulatory development consulting services to help U.S. Federal and State governments adapt to the changing economic and technical landscapes. Our approach is based on the critical analysis of economic, business and technological impacts. We establish and maintain open and transparent communication channels and a collaborative partnership with all stakeholders to ensure buy-in and approval.
  • Budgetary Cost Planning—BruckEdwards provides budgetary cost planning services to help our clients make buy versus build decisions. Understanding cost is not just a function of technology, but of the entire system life-cycle to include security constraints and operational models. BruckEdwards’ cost modeling approach allows customers to quantify and evaluate the impact of security levels and other design decisions on both infrastructure and operational costs and enables organizations to visualize how future investments should be made consistent with their requirements.
  • Capital Planning and Development— BruckEdwards provides capital planning consulting to assist our customers in determining whether a long term investment is worth pursuing. Our proven approach is based on the entire project life-cycle from concept to sustained operations providing a holistic cost model.
  • Technical Innovation—BruckEdwards provides strategic consulting on emerging technology to help our clients adopt new innovative IT models and services that facilitate trust, mobility, economic efficiency, and operational effectiveness. Our approach is based on rigorous market research, critical analysis and technical excellence to identify, design and develop practical innovative solutions.