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Transforming Operations to
Optimized Performance

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Management Consulting

Improving leadership decision-making and optimizing operational performance through the transformation of people, processes, and technology

As government and business leaders face ever changing economic, workforce, and technological challenges, the question is raised, how do our leaders meet the demands of today and prepare for tomorrows challenges in a cost and operationally effective manner?

BruckEdwards offers comprehensive management consulting services to help our clients make critical decisions and deliver more value-oriented services with fewer resources while maintaining strategic alignment with their organizations’ mission, goals and objectives.

We understand the balance between laws, regulations, policy, security, usability and costs, which enables us to better assist our clients. This diverse understanding of impacts help us to develop strategies that modernize business processes, organizational constructs and technology translating into budgetary and operational efficiencies.  Our management consulting capabilities include the following service offerings:

  • Program Management—BruckEdwards provides program management consulting services across a wide-range of roles from an isolated assessment to an on-going analysis.  Our proven approach to program management is based on industry standards such as the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), Lean Six Sigma and Agile practices.
  • Strategic Planning and Technical Innovation—BruckEdwards provides strategic planning and technology innovation consulting to help our clients develop effective strategies for managing and aligning business, financial, human and technological resources. Our proven approach is based on in-depth market research and analysis tailored to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Business Process Improvement—BruckEdwards provides business process improvement services to help our clients manage change, and improve organizational effectiveness and operational performance. Our approach uses best practices, innovative visual models, tools, techniques and methodologies. We combine these elements with open communication and collaboration with process owners and consumers to ensure future sustainability.
  • Survey Management Support—BruckEdwards provides comprehensive survey management services including survey design, execution, data analysis and reporting . Our expertise and experience help our customers develop an in-depth understanding of user attitudes, experiences, wants, and needs in order to improve service quality, performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Acquisition Management Support—BruckEdwards assists government and business leaders with determining best value decisions for new and/or improved services and technology. Our approach is based on rigorous market research, analysis, industry best practices and life-cycle costs constrained against the unique requirements and environment of each client.