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Information Technology Services

Improving the delivery of mission services through the advanced application of leading-edge technology, processes and services

Keeping pace with the dynamics of constantly evolving technology, and the unyielding pressures of reduced financial and human resources presents daunting challenges for today’s government and business leaders. Many new initiatives are undertaken with constrained schedules, shifting requirements and limited resources. To be successful a project team must be able to quickly adapt, respond and deliver results.

BruckEdwards provides a full suite of IT consulting services across the entire IT lifecycle—from discovery, design and development, to integration, testing, implementation, and operational management. Our proven approach is based on the principle that our customer is our partner—their success is our success. BruckEdwards provides the following IT consulting services:

  • Cyber Security—Today’s dynamic IT environment exposes governments and companies to multi-faceted security risk from both internal and external threats. As a result, protecting critical information and assets can no longer be treated as an afterthought or “bolt-on” solution, rather it must be integrated into every IT component to provide a sustainable and seamless secure solution. To be successful, organizations must rely on specialized expertise, and leverage leading-edge technologies to develop a comprehensive approach plan, prepare, prevent and respond to security attacks and breaches. BruckEdwards employs a defense-in-depth approach tailored to our customers’ unique mission requirements. We provide the following Cyber-Security services:
    • Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management (ICAM)
    • IT governance and risk management
    • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
      Information Assurance (IA) and Privacy solutions
    • Network Management and Intrusion detection
    • System Audit and Compliance
  • Systems Engineering and Integration—BruckEdwards understands the complexities and challenges of establishing and managing high-performing operating environments that are secure, reliably available, and cost-effective. We help our clients plan, architect and adapt to complex business requirements, improve processes with leading-edge methodologies and technologies while maintaining stable operations. Our holistic solution development approach considers the enterprise of systems in combination with the people, processes and technology that impact system operations. Our team of dynamic, highly-skilled system analysts, system engineers, and system developers confidently deliver exceptional thought leadership. We define functional requirements, document processes and interrelationships, and design and validate solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. BruckEdwards provides the following Systems Engineering and Integration services:
    • Systems Requirements Analysis
    • IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture
    • Systems Design, Integration, and Testing
    • Systems Implementation and Training
  • Software Development—Software is at the heart all IT solutions, and to be effective, each element must be seamlessly integrated and deliver functional value to the user. BruckEdwards helps our customers develop tailored solutions from either custom code or commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software to deliver a unified, high-performance solution that is flexible, cost-effective, low-risk and ultimately usable. We Our Software Development services include:
    • Software Requirements Analysis
    • Software Architecture and Design
    • Software Development—Web application, mobile (Android, iOS, and Wndows7), Public Key Enablement
    • Software Integration and Testing
    • Implementation and Training
    • On-going Maintenance
  • Infrastructure and Network Services—If software is the heart of all IT solutions, infrastructure and network services are the backbone, whether cloud-based, co-located or locally hosted. BruckEdwards assists our customers with innovative, full life-cycle services from planning and analysis, through design and development, to the implementation and operations of reliable and secure network services. BruckEdwards provides the following Infrastructure and Network services:
    • Network Architecture, Design, and Implementation
    • Systems and Database Management
    • Network and System Monitoring
    • Backup, Recovery and Continuity of Operations (COOP)
    • Network and System Consolidation / Transformation
  • Operations Management—BruckEdwards understands the critical nature of our clients’ IT systems and has extensive experience in the operational management and maintenance of these systems essential to organization missions. Our ITIL-based approach to monitor and improve critical IT activities helps our customers reduce risk and increase business value. BruckEdwards provides the right people, processes, and technology to provide our customers with fully-managed O&M services in support of their operation centers and enterprise services. Our O&M services include:
    • Task Automation
    • System Monitoring and Alerting
    • Tier II and III Help Desk Support
    • System and Network Maintenance and Administration
    • On-going Process and System Improvement