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Acquisition Management Support

Aligning critical sourcing with organizational strategic goals and objective and maximizing return on investment

As technology and service delivery models continue to rapidly evolve, so do the business opportunities to reduce operating costs while providing more and higher-valued services to your customer-base. Often senior leadership is faced with the decision of whether a solutions should be purchased or developed (i.e.: buy vs. build) and whether the solution can be offered in-house with an outside business partner. Informed strategic sourcing decisions are critical to the success of modernization and transformation initiatives.

BruckEdwards has extensive experience assisting our customers throughout the acquisition management lifecycle, from mission needs assessment through alternative / cost benefit analysis to operational support analysis. We help our clients understand the true costs and value associated with each sourcing option to make the best-value decision for their organization. BruckEdwards’ acquisition management support offerings include the following services:

  • Requirements Development—BruckEdwards assists our clients with the development of business and technical requirements and Statements of Work for strategic sourcing acquisitions efforts. Our Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) database provides for the ease of tracking requirements through the development lifecycle.
  • Acquisition Planning—BruckEdwards assists our clients with extensive market research to discover, define and develop a sustaining procurement strategy. Our approach is based on an understanding of the mission needs to ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Alternative / Cost Benefit Analysis—BruckEdwards performs in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of acquisition alternatives and their associated costs and benefits to assist senior leadership with strategic sourcing decisions. Our holistic approach looks at the entire lifecycle to include ongoing operations in order to fully understand the true costs of an alternative allow for more accurate return of investment calculations.
  • Proposal Evaluation—BruckEdwards provides technical expert consulting in the evaluation of proposed service offerings to assist our clients in making the best value decision.