Advanced Network Infrastructure for
Reliable Service Delivery

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Advanced Network Infrastructure for
Reliable Service Delivery

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Network Services

Improving the security, reliability and availability of critical network services

The distributed nature of government systems and the clients they support makes reliable and secure network services a vital component of any effective IT system. BruckEdwards’ experienced network subject matter experts provide the following network services.

  • Network Analysis—Periodic analysis of network performance is necessary to ensure that adequate network capacity has been provisioned so that IT services are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. BruckEdwards networking professionals have extensive knowledge of leading edge concepts, technologies, and processes.
  • Network Planning and Design—BruckEdwards has proven experience in the design of networks for large scale information sharing projects at the federal level. Our network design approach includes detailed research and analysis of customer requirements for security, throughput, uptime and redundancy. Our solutions employ advanced technologies to improve route agility and optimize performance and fault tolerance.
  • Network Integration and Deployment—To be successful, networks must interoperate seamlessly on an enterprise scale. We work with external stakeholders during the network design process to ensure that our designs will communicate effectively with all external networks. Once the design is complete, we develop detailed implementation and transition plans to ensure that the solution seamlessly integrates into the IT environment within established maintenance windows.