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Systems Engineering Services

Enhancing the quality, value and performance of service delivery through the intelligent application of leading edge technologies

Planning for Infrastructure Improvements and keeping abreast of the latest technology trends is critical to the consistent, reliable and secure delivery of mission services. In today’s dynamic technological environment the application of emerging technology can drastically improve service quality, costs and end-user satisfaction.

BruckEdwards maintains constantly evolving Infrastructure Improvement Plans for our clients to ensure that our clients stay where they are most comfortable in the industry with regard to new technologies.

  • Systems Requirements Analysis—System engineering services initiate with system planning and requirements to define business needs, system functionality, performance and usability. Accurate and comprehensive requirements impact engineering efforts and schedules. BruckEdwards works closely with program owners and stakeholder to ensure system requirements are identified, sufficiently defined and managed throughout the system lifecycle the ensure traceability, testability and successful implementation on-time and within budget. Our agile approach allows our team to adapt and quickly respond to the dynamics of evolving requirements. BruckEdwards Systems Requirements Analysis services include:
    • Market surveys
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Best-Value Alternative Analysis
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Business process definition (e.g. business workflow)
    • Process descriptions and business rules (e.g. SIPOCS)
  • IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture—BruckEdwards employs a holistic “top-down—bottom-up” approach to developing innovative and sustaining IT strategies and architectures. We help our customers to 1) align business and IT functions, 2) eliminate redundancy, 3) leverage IT investments and innovative technologies, 4) promote vendor neutral solutions based on open standards, and 5) develop re-usable services resulting in the accelerated delivery of e-government solutions.
  • Infrastructure Modernization—Information Technology is constantly evolving. It can be difficult to stay current with the latest technologies and systems for streamlining business processes and increasing efficiency. It can be equally difficult to choose which technologies will be the most effective or fit the best with the overall mission and goals of an organization.  BruckEdwards keeps a close eye on the IT industry and constantly researches new and emerging technologies with our customers mission and business needs in mind. We have experience in the research and development of proof-of-concept systems for mobile service delivery, as well as the complete infrastructure overhaul of established mission-critical information sharing systems.  BruckEdwards suite of Infrastructure modernization services include:
    • Technology surveys and assessments
    • Performance analysis and Improvement
    • Innovative technology, and process evaluation, integration and implementation
  • Systems Design, Integration, and Testing—As IT systems mature and new systems come online, there are frequently needs to integrate systems with one another. Systems Integration can pose unique challenges, both technically and managerially. Our staff possesses extensive knowledge in network and systems engineering understands the technical challenges inherent in integrating different subsystems with each other. Our systems integration approach goes hand-in-hand with our operations and maintenance approach—we first seek to understand the mechanics of all systems involved, as well as their business purpose and use cases. Building that foundation, we apply technical and process-oriented approaches to integrating subsystems into a single unified system to streamline operations and increase efficiency. BruckEdwards compliment  of system design, integration and testing services include:
    • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and cost modeling
    • Proof of concept and simulation implementations
    • System and Information Assurance (IA) engineering tools and technologies
    • System and network performance  measurement and management tools
    • Configuration management
    • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) best-practices
    • System, regression, and security and compliance testing
  • Systems Implementation and Training—Successful system implementation is predicated on comprehensive planning, testing and training to ensure success. Implementation plans must address stakeholder schedules, dependent systems, and availability of resources, contingency and alternative plans in case of unexpected issues as well as adequately trained operational and support staff to manage the system once it is operational. BruckEdwards Systems Implementation and Training services include:
    • Implementation plan and schedule
    • Contingency plans
    • Communication plans
    • System installation and configuration manuals
    • System administrator training and manual development
    • System reference manual (operations guide) development
    • Help Desk issue resolution / decision trees