Continuous Process Improvement to
Maximize Operational Efficiency

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Continuous Process Improvement to
Maximize Operational Efficiency

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Operations Management Services

Improving operational management services through technical innovation and continuous process improvement

There are mission critical information technology systems throughout all levels of government. Systems which must be available at all times in order to meet the demands put on them by their user base. There is pressure on first responders, military personnel, administrative staff, and other critical personnel to accomplish goals in support of their agency’s mission in a timely and cost-effective manner. The result of this pressure is a need for IT systems to be available and operational in accordance with established service level agreements. BruckEdwards understands the critical nature of government IT systems and has extensive experience in the operations and maintenance of systems essential to agency missions. BruckEdwards suite of Operations Management services includes:

  • Configuration Management—BruckEdwards understands that configuration management is vital to consistent and reliable system operation. We work closely with clients to ensure that all system enhancements are properly documented and vetted prior to production implementation. This attention to detail enables better troubleshooting and facilitates vendor support when necessary.
  • Consistent Operation Procedures—Our proven approach to O&M is founded on well documented procedures combined with trained subject matter experts. BruckEdwards first works to understand everything about the system—what it is used for, when it is used, who uses it, how it interacts with other systems—and then look for ways to improve operations processes, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs wherever possible. In many cases, the existing O&M procedures for a system may be out of date or inefficient—both issues which BruckEdwards seeks to remedy.
  • Continuous Process Improvement—Our O&M approach seeks measurability in terms of increased up-time for mission-critical systems and decreased cost resulting from standardization and streamlining of procedures, and cross-training of operations staff.
  • Team Composition—We focus on assembling the right team for the task at hand. Our O&M teams focus on providing subject matter expertise and cross training for good depth in abilities and skills. Our matrixed staffing approach ensures that each team member has a core set of skills in a specific technology, and that they are cross-trained in other areas to ensure full coverage across all areas to enable reachback when operational issues which may arise.