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Physical Access Control System (PACS) Services

Enhancing PACS visibility and authentication security through real world expertise and strong PIV integration experience

BruckEdwards supports numerous federal clients as they work to modernize Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) to comply with new federal mandates for enhanced authentication and security system-wide visibility.  As a GSA certified vendor under SINs 541519ICAM and 541519PIV, BruckEdwards support is provided by CSEIP certified PACS engineers. Our PACS service offerings include:

PACS Strategic Planning, Architecture, Design, and Program Management—Whether you're building a new PACS system or updating existing systems, PACS services demands close attention to policy, IT integration, costs, and operational management. BruckEdwards understands the balance between security, usability, and cost and develops strategies that meet our customer’s business process requirements while optimizing technology and operational factors. Our PACS Strategic Planning and Program Management services include:

  • Policy and governance alignment with OMB M-19-17
  • Enterprise architecture and GSA Approved Product List (APL) — Analysis and integration
  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Phase 2 Alignment and integration
  • Acquisition support—Regional support, facility upgrades, budget and spending planning
  • Licensing optimization and regional site integration
  • Integration of ESS, video and duress into the PACS system for increased visibility and situational awareness.

PIV Integration and FIPS 201-3 compliance (CAK and PKI Integration)—The GSA Office of Government-wide Policy is eliminating the Oberthur V7 PIV from the Approved Products List (APL) and moving it to the Removed Products List (RPL).  While the new V8 cards include enhanced security features and provide for faster card read times, they do not work with all legacy PACS card readers. BruckEdwards has been working with federal clients to better understand the inventory of existing PACS systems, installed card readers, and their compatibility with V8 cards.  We’ve assisted with designing and planning testing programs to ensure that the new high-speed V8 cards will operate in the existing PACS environments.  We are also providing longer-term assistance with the migration from FASC-N based access to stronger certificate-based authentication and access control across the agencies using the new V8.1 credentials. Our staff includes individuals with the prestigious Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) certification.

PACS Approval to Operate (ATO)—BruckEdwards has extensive experience enabling federal agencies to obtain ATO for PACS implementations. We’ve supported both agency System Owners and Information System Security Officers (ISSO) in the resolution of all PACS Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) to ensure that all applicable NIST SP 800-53 Security Controls have been appropriately addressed. We also create and/or update PACS documentation such as Business Impact Assessment (BIA), Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), Contingency Plan, and Configuration Management Plan.

System Administration—BruckEdwards PACS System operations support is performed by CSEIP certified PACS engineers and includes user enrollment/termination, system updates, zone management, and auditing / reporting. We support the installation and integration of new card readers and other building security enhancements. We also support a decentralize management approach and develop training materials for a variety of roles including administrators, technicians, and card registration.