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Effective Collaboration to
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Program Management

Aligning organizational objectives to drive adoption and deliver quality results on-time and with-in budget through coordination, facilitation and collaboration

In today’s complex and dynamic environments—where the pressures from budget, market forces and performance drive schedules and impact resources—the ability to manage a program ultimately determines the program’s success.

BruckEdwards has extensive experience providing program and project management support services to our government and commercial customers. Our approach to program and project management is founded upon the principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), lessons learned and industry best-practices. We deliver services that span the entire lifecycle from project initiation and planning through execution, management, controlling, to project closet-out. Our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) however, we believe that effective program and project management is more than just a certification, it’s about relationships. BruckEdwards believes to truly deliver quality results on-time and with-in budget the project manager must develop and maintain effective relationships with all project stakeholders and project team members. The management team must openly communicate and continuously improve processes. BruckEdwards program and project management support services include:

  • Schedule Management—BruckEdwards provides our clients with practical project schedules, developed in a collaborative environment to ensure “buy-in” from key project stakeholders on critical milestones. We continuously monitor and manage resources to remain on-schedule and provide weekly or as needed updates to project status.
  • Scope, Quality and Risk Management—BruckEdwards assists our clients manage project scope, quality and risk through standardized processes , tools, techniques and methodologies,. We ensure quality measures and thresholds along with potential threats and issues are clearly defined and documented. All project stakeholders are informed of these critical management elements to eliminate surprises and facilitate project success.
  • Human Capital Management— BruckEdwards provides human capital management consulting to assist our customers meet mission goals and objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.  Our approach includes a suite of proven processes, industry tools and best practices, cost models and lesson learned. Our services include skilled workforce analysis, development and performance improvement learning programs.
  • Process and Concept Development—BruckEdwards provides business process improvement and concept of operations (CONOPS) consulting services to assist our clients optimize performance under strict budget constraints, regulatory mandates, and competitive market pressures.