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Mobile Service Delivery

Unlocking new opportunities to engage with users, expand the range of electronic services, and improve customer satisfaction

The widespread adoption of mobile smartphones and the popularity of mobile applications (mobile apps) have created an environment where users rely on these powerful devices for far more than just telephone calls and email—these devices and the apps they support have become indispensable tools for business and mission services. For government agencies at all levels, the mobile service delivery channel can provide new ways of connecting with employees and citizens offering innovative ways to increase customer satisfaction.

But an effective mobile strategy is more than just developing a mobile app. Despite explosive growth in the mobile app marketplace, a sizable percentage of applications are only run once after download. Agencies must carefully understand customer needs and concerns to develop mobile content that remains relevant to users. Some of the challenges that agencies face include:

Challenges Facing Mobile Service Delivery Strategies

  • Understanding the customer, their attitudes and preferences
  • Identifying high volume applications or transaction suitable for a  mobile app
  • Determining which hardware device features are necessary for application operation? Would a web-based solution be a better fit?
  • How will content be aligned across multiple channels including web, mobile web, and mobile apps?
  • Managing code-base and ensuring consistent presentation across multiple platforms
  • App store maintenance and updates
  • Ensuring application integrity and authenticity to agency customers

BruckEdwards’ mobile services focus on developing this strategy and include:

  • Planning and Analysis— BruckEdwards has extensive experience with the analysis of web traffic to a major citizen-serving federal website. We  draw on that experience to help determine content direction for the agency. This analysis can be performed on any part of the agency site, and provides a roadmap for mobile service delivery by showing which content has the highest mobile access.
  • Prototype Development—BruckEdwards leverages a cloud-based development environment that enables rapid prototype development and robust testing. This environment can be easily scaled to support additional development and test environments depending on the nature of the development activity. Both standalone and hybrid apps can be developed in this way.
  • Periodic Re-Assessment—BruckEdwards has extensive experience with customer satisfaction surveys, their development and resulting analysis. Periodic re-assessment of user attitudes, trends and preferences is a critical to ensuring that the mobile service delivery channel continues to address customer needs and facilitates greater electronic interaction.