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Public Key Infrastructure

Enhancing information security through cryptography services to provide authentication, confidentiality, non-repudiation and data integrity

The need for establishing an infrastructure to promote secure information at rest and in transit along with identity authentication service has become more relevant is todays cyber-world where threats from both internal and external sources are pervasive. Public Key Infrastructure provides this foundational enabling authentication, confidentiality, non-repudiation, and, data integrity services.

BruckEdwards assists our clients to develop, implement and operate PKI solutions that result in significant operational and business process improvement. Our full lifecycle PKI practice is focused on solving difficult enterprise issues associated with user registration, credentialing, authentication, and authorization services. BruckEdwards PKI service offerings include:

  • PKI Strategic Planning and Program Management— Whether you're building your own PKI, or leveraging the services of Shared Services Provider (SSP), integrating this service into your enterprise demands close attention to policy, IT integration, costs, and operational management. BruckEdwards understands the balance between security, usability and cost, and develops strategies that meet our customer’s business process requirements while optimizing technology and operational factors. Our PKI Strategic Planning and Program Management services include:
    • PKI Policy and Practices Analysis and Development
    • PKI and E-Authentication Technology and Implementation Analysis
    • PKI Governance and Oversight
    • Program Management
  • PKI Architecture, Design, and Integration— Critical elements to PKI architecture, design and integration are realistic operational concepts and costs. The true cost of implementing and operating a PKI is not just a function of technology, but also the security procedures that surround any PKI implementation. These collateral security processes ultimately translate into a “security assurance level.” BruckEdwards Architecture, Design and Integration approach allows customers to quantify and evaluate the impact of security assurance level and other PKI design decisions on both infrastructure and operational costs. This approach enables organizations to visualize how future PKI investments should be made consistent with assurance level, availability requirements, and evolving security and cryptographic best practices. BruckEdwards PKI Architecture, Design and Integration services include:
    • Concept of Operations (ConOps)
    • Operational Lifecycle Cost Model
    • Registration and Credentialing Workflow Development
    • System Component Design and Integration
    • Operational Management
  • PKI Enablement—Enabling process and applications for PKI services involves stakeholders to define the business need, identify critical requirements, and develop comprehensive use case scenarios for “as-is” and “to-be” processes. Our team’s comprehensive understanding of the technologies that enable these services ensures that our customers achieve their goals for increased efficiency and productivity. BruckEdwards PKI Enablement services include:
    • Smartcard Network Logon
    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Digital Signature, Encryption and Timestamp
    • E-Authentication